Our goal is to redefine customer service in the building process by providing a delightful and engaging experience for all. We strive to create grand homes with unmatched finesse, paying attention to even the most subtle details.

At Aurora Builders, we strive to make a dream home come true. We design family homes that are tailored to their unique needs and desires in order for them to create an enriched lifestyle experience with thoughtful customizations. Our expertise lies in comprehending how occupants live, work, socialize or relax – making every house truly one of a kind!



Recognized as one of the premier builders in Northeast Florida, Aurora Builders has built a solid reputation for quality craftsmanship and overall customer satisfaction in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and the surrounding Beaches communities.

Committed to maintaining a low volume approach to home building, Aurora works closely with each customer, from the earliest stages of conceptual design to the selection of materials and finishes to align with their desired budget.


President / Owner of Aurora Builders

The Founder’s Vision

I believe that a true custom home should be as unique as the individual family who occupies it.

Regardless of its size or overall cost, a house can only become a home when it reflects the lifestyle of the family who dwells within it.

The goal of Aurora Builders is to understand how our clients wish to live, work, interact, and entertain within their home and to explore ways in which the design can enhance their lifestyle.


Lasting Memories Are Found in the Journey

While many builders pride themselves in the vast number of homes constructed over the years, Aurora derives satisfaction in knowing that it has helped just a handful of valued customers enjoy a truly custom building experience each year. We believe that lasting memories are found in the journey, not simply in reaching the destination. The cornerstone of Aurora Builders is our dedication to low volume. We want each of our clients to feel as though they have their own personal builder working for them. The sterling testimony of so many of our past clients reveals their satisfaction with Aurora during every facet of the journey from concept to reality.

By choosing to build just a few homes each year, we can devote more time upfront with our clients during the important planning stages. We also spend more time on-site during construction, ensuring quality workmanship and attention to detail.


There is no substitute for this on a job site. Aurora employs the very best personnel to accomplish this task.

Each project is staffed by a knowledgeable field superintendent who is supported by an in-office project manager.

Frequent communication and personal service are provided by our friendly office staff who assist each client with billing inquiries and the helpful coordination of material selections. In addition, our preferred showroom vendors are carefully selected for their hospitality and professionalism.


Building or renovating a home can be a very stressful experience for the owner, with so many decisions to make, scheduling deadlines, cost overruns, and occasional setbacks.

Aurora tries to minimize these occurrences by involving the client more closely in the process. We utilize BuilderTrend as our online communication software to connect our customers with every aspect of their building project.

They can check the weekly schedule, verify selections, review and approve change orders in advance, and see photos of the progress of their home, regardless of where they live.


Years Experience


We specialize in creating homes that cater to the individual needs of each family.

Aurora Builders realizes the unique needs and desires of each family, crafting one-of-a-kind homes with thoughtful designs to enrich lives. By understanding how people live, work, socialize and unwind in their environment we are creating an enhanced lifestyle experience tailored specifically for them.

I believe that a true custom home should be as unique as the family who occupies it. Regardless of its size or budget, a house can only become a home when it reflects the lifestyle of the family who dwells within it. Michael Lenahen – Founder


Years experience

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Our Services

What we do


Aurora Builders is a distinguished leader in the craftsmanship of luxurious custom homes with awards marking our success.


Aurora Builders specializes in sophisticated remodeling projects of grand proportion.


At Aurora Builders, we believe in creating a sustainable environment and promoting occupant health with every project.


Listening to a symphony is an enchanting experience...

The beauty in listening to a symphony orchestra is the appreciation for the seamless synchronization of the many talented musicians coming together to produce a harmonious sound. And while each instrument is diverse in its tonal qualities, the depth of harmony is achieved through the creativity of the composer and the leadership of the conductor.

Similarly, whether building a new custom home, or remodeling an existing home, Aurora Builders acknowledges the creativity of the designer, while directing the efforts of many talented craftsman to produce a true architectural masterpiece.

Aurora Builders has carefully selected many industry experts and skilled trade partners to collaborate in producing homes of unmatched beauty and functionality. The result is a performance to excite the senses.


See why our clients love working with us

Aurora Supports Local Charities

We support

Builders Care, the charitable arm of the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) was approached by the non-profit agency, Dreams Come True, to consider fulfilling a dream a 3-year-old little boy with a life-threatening illness.  The Custom Builders and Remodelers Council embraced the opportunity to make his dream come true with a backyard playhouse where he can go and play, just like all the other children in the neighborhood, as his limitations required to remain close to home in a supervised area.

Through the leadership of Michael Lenahen, who acted as the project coordinator, dozens of caring NEFBA members donated building materials, play equipment, interactive games, volunteer hours and funding to make this little boy’s dream become a reality.  

When the family left town for a week-long vacation, Michael rallied nearly 40 volunteers to build a playhouse filled with books, games, and life-sized Superhero posters, along with a partially shaded picnic area and sandbox play structure.  Upon the family’s return, the “big reveal” was met with cheers, tears, a little boy’s Dream Come True.

"Somewhere along the way, we must learn that there is nothing greater than to do something for others."

– Martin Luther King Jr.

A Testimonial

What They are Saying


I own a local technology and design firm that works with about 20 of the top architects, custom builders, and interior designers in NE Florida. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Aurora Builders for over three years, helping to integrate home technology into their client’s vision for projects. After watching them for years, I can say that Michael, Jeff, Julie and their entire team are radically committed to quality. Their entire business model revolves around the idea of ensuring quality above all else for their clients. Aurora sets the bar for what a custom home builder should be, in my opinion.

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